Tea is one of the most globally relevant beverages, steeped in varying recipes, traditions, and usages across cultures and enjoyed by people all across the world for hundreds of years. In some cultures, this comforting and healing beverage is simply an afternoon tradition, as is the case for many Brits, while other cultures view a tea ceremony as a sacred art (in, say, Japan).

Cannabis tea is also an ancient tradition enjoyed for many centuries, particularly as a medicinal aid due to the healing benefits of the marijuana plant. Mystical Chinese emperor, Shen Neng, was believed to have treated ailments such as gout, rheumatism, and malaria with cannabis tea. Jamaican women brew “ganja tea” to alleviate morning sickness, as well as help with stress and depression. In India, the famous bhang tea, though not like the traditional tea we know, is enjoyed around the festival of Holi and special occasions, but is also used to treat nausea, fever, and sunstroke in rural parts of India.