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1502, 2019

Cannabis and Creativity

Creatives come in all shapes and sizes, but there is certainly one universal feeling and struggle that crosses every artist’s path numerous times throughout their career: the loss of inspiration, mental block, and seemingly impossible quest to finish without an air of self-doubt. It’s what happens when you assume your creativity has run out. Spoiler alert: that’s not something that can actually happen.

2901, 2019

Cannabis and Depression

While cannabis is absolutely appealing as a means of getting high and chilling out for a night, it’s become more and more clear that cannabis has potential mental and physical benefits that go far beyond an enjoyable mode of unwinding

2912, 2018

DIY Cannabis Tea

Tea is one of the most globally relevant beverages, steeped in varying recipes, traditions, and usages across cultures and enjoyed by people all across the world for hundreds of years. In some cultures, this comforting and healing beverage is simply an afternoon tradition, as is the case for many Brits, while other cultures view a tea ceremony as a sacred art (in, say, Japan).