Our Approach

We are the front line of social change in the revolution to live free. The ones who have toiled to build a world where you can trust your cannabis more than your food. The place you visit for trustworthy products and services in an inviting retail environment that feels normal because it is normal.

By pioneering social change, we’ve fought the fight for you (and often with you!). Now we have our boots on the ground and firmly cemented in place. We are tearing down the stigma and elevating the game. And we’ve built one big, beautiful family along the way—an ecosystem made up of the industry’s best people and loyal friends of blüm like you.

The 3 Things That Keep Us Going!


 Our goal here is simple – to provide you with information on medical cannabis in a very straightforward and intuitive way.

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We are passionate crusaders for the healing benefits of cannabis but also lend a helping hand in our local community.

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We expect 2 convenient locations in the Metro Detroit Area!

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